Every Champion Starts in a Kart - A Short Story

By RPM Raceway on February 18, 2018

Combustion engines may have been invented in 1808, but racing has been in human DNA since the dawn of time. From the first Olympic races in 776, to the ancient greek chariot races documented by Homer, human existence has always been drawn to, addicted to, enthalled by the spirit of racing.

Fast forward through the greats of Alan Prost and Aryton Senna and into the 21st century. Auto racing has evolved into many formats from the national NASCAR and INDY championships in the USA, to Formula One's international dominance, and now Formula E's ventures on a global (and electric) circuit. The sport has created legends, memories, heroes, a testament to every champion that has crossed the finish line.

Motorsport champions come in all sizes. Big, Small, European, American, One Wheel, Two, and Four. But what unites them all?


We harnessed this energy and guiding principle into our creation of RPM Raceway- the idea that we are all champions and we are all united by our common love for motorsport, racing, & speed.

We hope you enjoy our exploration into this theme, through Every Champion Starts in a Kart, A Short Story.

Thanks to our friends at Monster Energy, and Watkins Glen for making this possible. 

Come become a champion with us. 

-RPM Raceway


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Author: RPM Raceway